Markdown to HTML Web Server

Web server that will host content from markdown files converted to their rendered HTML equivalents and its resources.



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java -jar md2htmlws.web.jar --configPath [CONFIG_PATH]


-pt, --configPath [CONFIG_PATH] - Path of configuration JSON file


With following configuration JSON file named config.json in same folder as program file:

    "port": 8080,
    "host": "",
    "path": "./storage/",
    "name": ""
    "port": 8081,
    "host": "",
    "path": "./storage/",
    "name": ""

The following command will start two servers running at ports 8080 and 8081, monitoring contents within ./storage/ and ./storage/

java -jar md2htmlws.web.jar --configPath "./config.json"

On initial start, each server will go through folders defined in path JSON value. If any folder contains markdown file named as, it will create an HTML file named index.html that will contain content rendered from markdown file in HTML format. These pages will be accessible from server based on the directory name.

Pages related to HTTP response codes are stored in status folder of given path. This means that server will not directly provide markdown or HTML files as content, nor it will allow accessing status pages folder.


This program is licensed under AGPL-3.0-only.